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Magnificent Crock Pot Stock

A Covid Hunker down cooking tip I will absolutely  be adopting  when things return to normal is

Crock Pot Stock.  It's very inexpensive since you are using leftover chicken bones, water and other items you have on hand. Stock can be a healthy substitution for butter in many items and also can make so many items taste richer. Since I like to make soups, It's great to  freeze this stock so I can defrost when I have items on hand to make soup and a much better one using this fine stock as a base.  What a food win, for all of us hunkering down or not, rich  tasting, healthy and thrifty!


Leftover chicken bones/skin

I used  bones and skin  from 1 store bought cooked chicken


Salt after cooking to taste


Dried Herbs on hand I used thyme  and for a different batch dried tarragon

fresh garlic  -7 cloves or a few teaspoons of  garlic powder

1/2 to 2 Onions or what you have


Take leftover chicken bones/skin put in crock pot

add optional herbs on hand I like to pick just a couple

add optional vegetables on hand ( garlic,  onions)

 fill water 1/2 to 3/4 of crock pot, less water for larger crock pot

Cook on low for at least 24 hours,

I prefer to go the extra mile and cook for 2 days as I like the richer taste that develops

after 48 hours. 

Strain  I used a spoon to remove bones, I left the garlic and onions and items I wanted in the stock.

I made a version using garlic, onions and  dried tarragon and even enjoyed

eating it as is. I like to salt/season to taste afterward so the stock can be used for other recipes.

My  mother made a version and used red peppers, celery and onions,  she cooked for 48 hours

and used the stock for a gumbo base,  it turned out wonderful and rich!

I hope you like this stock recipe as much as I do!

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About Me

I am a south Louisiana native with a journalism and media background. I am currently hunkering down in my area due to the coronavirus warnings and posting from past trips. Lets hope we all recover and get back to normal as soon as possible. I have been roadtripping across the country, region and state as well as roadtripping internationally most of my life with great pleasure. I also like great food from dives to upscale and unusual places.

How I Got Started

Some of my first road trip memories as a kid were of visiting with  family and grandparents in small towns in  the Acadiana  and  Southwest Louisiana area  and eating sublimely tender round steak with rice & gravy, super fresh caught gulf fried shrimp and magnificent drip pot cafe au lait. my grandmother would bring  to us to wake us up.  The wonderful smell of her coffee usually did.  Other early road trip memories include a very exciting  trip and dining in New Orleans for the Worlds Fair, as well as well as visiting gracious, hospitable Louisiana  relatives who are wonderful cooks, now living in Ardmore Oklahoma. In addition  to new scenery, great food was found.

Some  past roadtrips in this blog  voyage to  Miami, Vail, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Hawaii,  Niagra Falls Toronto, Tulum, Monaco, St Lucia, Exuma, Paris, Italy, Nice, St Tropez, St Raphael, and  Monaco.....while others can be found in  our South Louisiana roads, Capital City  or just down the road in New Orleans.   I'm looking forward to whatever new experiences my next road trip  brings and am grateful for my past travel experiences.

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